Top 8 Instagram Influencer Search Tools For The Informed Marketer

Back in the early days of influencer marketing, many firms found the whole process of influencer discovery to be incredibly tricky. Indeed, some businesses abandoned the process merely because they had no idea where to discover influencers. As a result, the first version of our Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2017 included a sizable section on carrying out your campaign organically. This involves manually researching, finding, and contacting suitable influencers in your niche and hoping they will show sufficient interest in working with you.

Times have changed, however. For a start, influencer marketing has moved away from the "old guard" of Facebook and Twitter towards newer and more visual social channels like Instagram and TikTok. And secondly, the array of tools and platforms available to assist with influencer discovery has grown dramatically. And you will find valuable Instagram influencer search tools no matter the size of your business and the amount of marketing budget you can devote to Instagram influencer marketing.

We examine a selection of the best Instagram influencer search tools in the marketplace. We have previously reviewed all these platforms, and clicking on the links below, will take you to in-depth reviews. 

Top 8 Instagram Influencer Search Tools:

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